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1.      Applications 

HLD series Bin blender is mainly used for the mixing between solid granules and powder, granules and granules, power and power in pharmaceutical industry, it is also applicable in the production of food industry, fine chemical industry. The mixing performance is excellent, there is neither cross-contamination nor dust pollution.


2.      Equipment data

HLD series Bin blender



Bin capacity    L


Capacity Range

180kg- 500kg

Filling co efficiency   

0.5 - 0.8

Working speed      r/min


Discharge valve diameter        mm


Maxing working power     KW


Different bin could be used for the same blender for different batch of production



3.      Function specification





Bin checking

To check whether bin is positioned, otherwise it will not lift.


auto lock

After bin is pushed to main machine, startup the equipment, the machine will lock the bin automatically 


Auto unlock

After mixing, the main machine will follow the program and unlock the bin automatically. 


Locking of different bins

For same size of bin, the capacity of the bin could be less.



mixing speed regulation

Adjustable within 3-15rmp. 


Time setting

Adjustable withi2-59 min


Rotary direction 

Single direction rotary. 


Phase setting 

Set rotary mixing- Positioning of rotary. 


Auto positioning 

When mixing is completed, the mixing bin will come back to vertical position, the machine will stop. 


Process automation

Process procedure storage 

20 sets of recipe for different mixing process could be stored.



10 sets of latest product drug name (English) could be recorded with process, operators (English, Pinyin/ Code) and all information are traceable



Equipped with needle printer to print batch production information 


System safety and labor protection

Failure alarming 

Alarm for insufficient production condition, overload alarming 


Overload protection

Set torque limit to protect from over load and lifting mechanism damage.


Unlock alarming 

If any unlock during mixing, system will send out sound and light alarm.


Working protection 

During mixing, if there is any person or object comes across the infrared isolation belt, mixer will rotate back to 3 rpm immediately, at the same time, send out sound/light alarm, after the bin is positioned, the machine is stopped.


Rotary separation 

All rotary parts are isolated. 



Distance at 1m, noise less than 70 db


Electricity shutoff protection 

After power failure, the machine will stop gradually to protect operator, machine and product.


After power recovery, the machine could not start automatically, but must be start manually. 


4.      structure features

A       Mixing bin holding mechanism

Mixing bin holding mechanism includes lifting motor, reducer, left and right gear transmission mechanism, lifting rod screw nut, all these devices are installed in the rotary body. Rotary body is made of high quality carbon steel and rust proof treated, and covered with SS 304, so it could meet the strengthen requirement as well as GMP requirement.

Screw-nut transmission mechanism, as the lifting holding device of bin blender, it has got good transmission performance and self locking performance, the safety is assured, and the screw nut mechanism is hidden in the revolving body.

Rotary angle designed with gripping column, function together with the rotary body bottom holding leg, to prevent mixing material from sliding out.


B      Rotary Mixing System

Rotary blending system  is low speed rotary body driven by a low speed large torque reducing motor through coupling, the material is moving, sliding, stacking, dispersing, shearing in the bin until the mixing process completes. 

The mixing is controlled by inverter, with adjustable rotary speed between 3-15rpm


C      left and right machine arm

The machine frame is made of premium SS, cover is SS 304, with roughness Ra≤0.8, there is zero dead leg or screw on the structure, so it is GMP compliance.   

There are two arm structure for the frame, so that the rotary body could be stable and safe. The arm base has got large area to make the load even and running safely.


D      Electric control system

For the control system, all are installed in the control cabinet except the touch screen, printer, emergency switch and sensors.

Electric control cabinet is single door structure for easy operation and maintenance.

PLC and software:  the main parts of control system, to control action of the blender, parameter control and failure troubleshooting, the blending process, quality control, user operation interface is real time controlled and managed.

HMI, touch screen, as operator operation interface, real time operation and running parameter setting, mixing running status, main machine failure status is displayed and monitored on the interface.

Printer: the mixing process, drug name, production batch number, mixing time, mixing rotary speed, production time and operator is recorded.


E.   Safety protection 

In the process of mixing, the bin and holding mechanism is moving with large rotary radius, the safety protection measure is set to protect operators. The infrared photoelectric protection device is set to isolate the rotary area and safety area. When somebody or other items enters the rotary zone, system will stop and send out alarming.



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