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Tube Filling Machine

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CFGNY-80A High Speed Tube Filling Machine
(Applicable for metal tube and plastic and laminated tube)
Basing on introducing foreign advanced technology of the same kind of equipments, according to the request and fact of home filling equipments, our company designs and develops CFGNYZ-80A automatic tube filling and sealing machine. The machine has novel design, compact structure, multi-function and easy operation in order to meet the needs of domestic and international users in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, so it is an ideal tube filling equipment.
The equipment has 40L funnel, which can control the filling part, successfully pour mushy, cream and mucous material into the tube, then complete filling, printing and sealing for plastics and lamination packing through heat seal and automatically complete the filling procedure. The machine could also be used for metal tubes after change the changes parts.




80 pcs/minute (Stable speed)


Supply: 380V / 3 Phase / AC / 50 Hz

Main Power

2.2 kw

Adopt to the tube diameter

Metal tube diameter 10-35mm

plastic and laminated tube: 10-60mm

Filling capacity

Metal tube diameter 2-150ml

plastic and laminated tube: 2-250ml

Filling precision




Air pressure

0.4-0.6 MPa

Hopper Capacity


Typical Features
PLC automatic control, HMI display and control
Automatically tube supply tubes to working position.
Elastic and inflation type of tube cup to ensure same height of sealed tube
Automatically eye mark checking, eye mark matching and positioning equipment.
Mechanical driven type of filling to ensure stable filling
Hot air blower from LEISTER, Switzerland
Inner tube hot air sealing, external tube circulation cooling water cooling to ensure good effect of sealing
Equipped with exhaust system of extra heat and harmful air (patent: 201020687711.8)
Easy to connect with emulsifier
Easy to change parts for different size of tube
Automatic batch printing system
Automatic tube feeding, inner blowing, eye mark checking, automatic filling and sealing
Variable speed control
Filling amount auto control
Tube absorption and position fixing, FESTO vacuum generator
Failure alarm, overload automatic machine stop
Inner tube auto-cleaning and dust collecting device.
Air blowing to clean the dust in the tube, and vacuum fan will collect it to callback equipment.
Tube upside down auto-checking system
Omron upside down testing photoelectric cell can accuracy test upside down tube and auto-control stop of tube feeding, when eliminating the up side down tube(orientation error), restart tube feeding.
No tube, no filling.
Controlled by precision photoelectric system, start filling action when there is tube in the working position.
Product filling by blowing off and cutting off to ensure better filling for high viscosity products.
Precision cooperating filling system and reasonable blowing off and cutting off design ensure filling precision. Its’ easy to assemble and dissemble, and it easy to clean completely.
GMP compliance
CE compliance.





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