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Lab Type Tablet Press

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Lab Type Tablet Press



Developed upon the international advanced technologies, this lab type tablet press is applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and foodstuff for pressing the powder or granular materials into tablets automatically in a continuous way. It features with large size compression, low noise, small deviation of weight, with the filling depth and thickness of the tablet continuously adjustable and all the functionality indicators reaching the level of the similar imported machines.


Technical Parameter

l   Stations number: 7

l   Maximum tablet diameter: 22mm

l   Output (tablets/min): 260

l   Maximum compression force: 50 KN

l   Deep of fill (mm): 20

l   Upper punch penetration (mm): 0.5-8

l   Power supply: 220V 1.5Kw

l   Dimensions (mm): 58×50×98

l   Net weight (Kg): 250










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