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KCZP Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine

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KCZP Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine


KCZP ultrasonic bottle washing machine is a type of cleaning equipment for new generation of vials, oral liquid bottles, infusion bottles and plastic bottles. Introducing the state of art non contact bottle cleaning method, with strong mechanical force by ultrasonic cavitations, the dirt on the bottle will be removed, and various micro-organisms , Escherichia coli and similar bacteria will be ultrasonic comminuted, then the cleaning, sanitization is achieved. It is applicable for cleaning of all types of vials, oral liquid bottles and similar bottles in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries


The process includes automatic bottle mechanical feeding, ultrasonic cleaning, track automatic turning of bottles, and then four cycles of cleaning by both water and air. The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and water/air rinsing and assisting cleaning will avoid secondary contamination; the cleaning quality could meet the "GMP" Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice requirements.


l   Ultrasonic for rough cleaning, high pressure water/ air for effective upside down fine cleaning, cleaned vial could meet GMP requirement.

l   Integration of mechanical and electrical systems, the equipment could complete automatic bottle arrangement, rough cleaning, fine cleaning, and the cleaning water could be recycled and circulative used to save production cost.

l   Variable speed control for efficient production,

l   Machine could be operated independently, or synchronized with sterilizer, filling machine etc.

l   Simple structure, applicable for different type of vials or round bottles with easy changing change parts.


Technical Parameters

l   Power supply: 380V 50Hz, 6.2KW

l   Ultrasonic power: 2KW

l   Purified water pressure: 0.15-0.35Mpa

l   Purified water consumption: 400-500L/h  

l   Water for injection pressure: 0.15-0 .35 Mpa

l   Water for injection consumption: 300-400L/h 

l   Clean compressed air pressure: 0.15-0.45MPa

l   Clean compressed consumption: 400-500L/h

l   Single machine noise: ≤70dB

l   Weight: about 500Kg

l   Dimension (L×W×H) : 2895×840×1750mm